If You Can’t Spot What’s In Any Of These Photos, Look Again. It’s Staring Right At You.

The amazing thing about animals is… basically everything. Some are powerful, others are sneaky, and then some are just flat out majestic. But they all have one thing in common: an instinct to survive. And the way they survive is sometimes so perfect that you can’t help but be in awe. All of the animals below beautifully blend into their surroundings. Some so they can better stalk their prey, and some so they can avoid turning into a predator’s next meal. Check these out.

Bark Spider

Buff-Tip Moth

California Stick Insect

Childrens Stick Insect

Common Baron Caterpillar


Eastern Screech Owl


Even domesticated cats

Indo-Chinese Flying Lizard


Leaf Bug (mimicking a living leaf)

Leaf Bug (mimicking a dead leaf)

Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Leafy Sea Dragon



Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko


Orchid Mantis

Peppered Moth


Pygmy Seahorses



Stick Insect


Willow Ptarmigans

And this little guy shouldn’t be left out 🙂

My favorite is probably the Leaf Tailed Gecko. But the pup at the end is a close 2nd! Share these incredible ‘hidden’ animals with others below.

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