If Vet Ranch Didn’t Take These Abandoned Puppies In, They’d Have Been Euthanized

When three newborn puppies were abandoned at a shelter, covered in fleas and hungry, there was no way they were going to survive unless someone was there to take care of them around the clock. Lucky for the two little girls and their brother, Vet Ranch took them under their wings and made sure they grew up to be happy, healthy puppies.

Watching them grow up is priceless:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RB-bOJVi6Og?autoplay=0]

Just look at these blue-eyed babies!

They’ve sure turned into playful little pups.

River, Willow, and Meadow have all found their forever homes…which is no surprise! They’re all so sweet, who could resist their adorable faces and bubbly personalities? There are, however, plenty of other animals that still need your help. You can donate to Vet Ranch to aid in more rescues like this, and you can keep up with their good work on Facebook and Instagram.

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