If This Large Wolf Spider Doesn’t Scare You, What It is Carrying Definitely Will.

Wolf_Spider_(Rabidosa_rabida)_with_babies_on_backWhen two Missouri males got here throughout a wolf spider, it was a scary sufficient sight for them to drop what they have been doing and movie the enormous arachnid. The 4 inch lengthy spider was strolling alongside the area the place they have been practising their craft solely moments beforehand.


Simply as they calmed down from the preliminary discovery, the 2 males have been despatched reeling as soon as once more. Upon nearer inspection of the spider, they found a pile of infants writhing on the spider’s again. And no, it wasn’t a few cute and cuddly wolf spiders in Child Bjorns. It was… not fairly, to say the least.

(WARNING: some NSFW language.)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqJKH0ny7M0]

(by way of jesusraybrown, H/T DailyMail)

One wolf spider is unhealthy sufficient…however a whole horrifying household? No, thanks.