If This Doesn’t Make You Want To Be A Parent, Absolutely Nothing Ever Will. This Is GREAT.

Lots of people see having a child as a huge life-change and crippling commitment, but they are looking at the situation all wrong. That little bundle of shared genetics isn’t going to be a burden. Instead, they are going to be someone short and awesome that you can be totally weird with.

And they can’t tell you not to be. Because they are your kid. Here are 16 reasons why you should have kids if you haven’t already:

You won’t need to get extra toilet paper yourself.

Kids can think of awesome names for sponsored animals.

EVERYTHING is awesome to children.

They know the importance of a remote.

Stealing is totally necessary.

Even when they’re sick, they know how to roll with style.

Kids say just the right things.

They know the importance of telling hard truths.

Every time you wake up from a nap, you’re going to get a surprise. Guaranteed.

You will have in-house hair stylists.

You have someone to be weird in public with.

Kids can show us how to be truly generous.

They know hide and seek isn’t a game… it’s an art form.

Children have a way with words.

They know how to plan an awesome Saturday.

Tina Fey’s daughter inspires us all to lead better lives.

Of course, being in a relationship is probably a good idea first. Don’t put the cart before the horse, Internet.


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