I Just Died Watching What These Baby Elephants Do. It’s Literally Impossible Not To Love This.

If a baby elephant could run for President of the United States, it’d win. That’s because baby elephants are one of the cutest creatures on this planet. It might actually be impossible to be sad when you look at a baby elephant. The gestation period for an elephant is two years. That means it takes 24 months to cook up one of these adorable little guys. That’s why we highly suggest you take some time to bask in the glory of these itty bitty pachyderms. Their mommas spent a long time making them so cute.

1.) Yay, bubbles!

2.) Baby elephants are firm supporters of the 10 second rule.

3.) Gahh, unroll yourself you cursed trunk!

4.) Mommy, look! I can take a bath, too.

5.) Put your trunks in the air if you just don’t care!

6.) Eating lunch can be tricky business.

7.) BOOM. I hope you’re impressed by my sweet moves.

8.) Prepare for heart melts.


10.) What is this thing on my face?!

11.) *sniff sniff sniff*

12.) Bath time is the best with a trunk!

13.) Must! Get! In! Mouth!

14.) Oh, hi therehhhggghh!

15.) You are beautiful. Let me touch your face.

16.) Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy. Momma. Mom. Mom.


18.) … okay, they’re cute even when they grow up.

Every day should include a little bit o’ baby elephants. It would make the world a happier place. Spread the smiles to others by sharing this article. We think they’ll thank you for it.

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