I Haven’t Been This Amazed By Balloons Since I Was A Kid. How Did They Do This?

Remember going to the circus and asking your parents for a balloon animal? Remember how you had to choose between a lame poodle or an even lamer hat?  You could get a sword, which sounds cool, but – come on – it’s just made out of balloons. These balloon animals are like that… but on mounds of acid.  Imagine going up to the balloon guy and asking for a phoenix stretching his mighty wings to protect his princess or a sleeping angel on a heavenly bed of clouds.  Here are some choice pictures of the World Balloon Convention this year:

A balloon sea king riding his balloon sea horses around his balloon sea kingdom.

This guy must have eaten some bad seafood. Why, he’s blowing up like a balloon!

One day I’m gonna fly away from this world on a giant mustache made of balloons. That’s how I’ll go out.

I can’t tell what the things on the swan’s back are. Cats? Baby pandas? Maybe an entirely new species of cute?

Dude, I think there might be a Pokemon battle going on behind you right now.

Is it just me or does this look like it might be delicious to eat? Like a giant, intricate marshmellow?

Balloon made out of balloons!

I will be fighting this beast in my nightmares tonight.

This is cool. Even cooler? Giant money! Oh the gags I would play on my local laundromat if I had those puppies.

Do you think if one balloon popped they all would?

Nice try tiger, but I ain’t scared! You’re made of air and I can make you stick to my hair if I wanted.

Totally wanna jump in those balloon clouds!

The World Balloon Convention website is eagerly counting down the days until the next balloon bash, but until then go ahead and share these pictures of amazing, inflatable imagination with your friends on Facebook!    

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