I Had No Idea Cool Versions Of These Actually Exist. Wow.

If I didn’t see photographic proof that cool bus stops actually exist, I never would’ve believed that it were true. You would’ve have had an easier time trying to convince me that a bus was going to show up on time (and we all know that’s a statistical improbability).

While it’s doubtful that a cool bus stop does anything to decrease the amount of time you spend waiting, it certainly seems like it would improve your experience. It’s hard to worry about being late for work when you’re sitting in a strawberry.

Take a look at these awesome bus stops!

1.) This one doesn’t do much when it comes to protecting you from the elements, but you can probably see the bus coming from miles away. Assuming it is coming, of course.

Sou Fujimoto

2.) Wow. I think this one is nicer than my house!

Alexander Brodsky

3.) Real bus stops have curves.

4.) Sweet! How unhappy can one possibly be while sitting inside of a fruit?

5.) How spacious! I hope they don’t expect this thing to fill up with people. If that’s the case, maybe they should have spent that money on another bus.

RintalaEggertsson Architects

6.) Don’t worry, I’m sure it only looks like it could be blown away with the wind.

Vydler Vinck Taillieu

7.) Sk8, w8, or die!

8.) It’s like a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award you can sit in. Awesome!

9.) All that’s missing is a bonfire. Please do not try and start a bonfire.

Ensamble Studio

10.) I didn’t know Steven Spielberg did bus stops.

11.) It’s a party!

12.) Ooh! A fun house bus stop!

13.) If that bus doesn’t have bubble wrap walls too, don’t even think about trying to get me to board it.

14.) It’s like sitting in your living room, but with pants on.

15.) Enjoy waiting in this modern bus stop, but be careful not to poke your eye out.

(via Dark Roasted Blend, Thrillist)

With bus stops like that, you probably feel disappointed when the bus comes. Imagine that!

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