I Can’t Decide If This is Wonderful or Horrible. But Women are Being Paid $8000 To Do It.

Dr. Nayna Patel in India is determined to help infertile women by providing a one-stop-shop for surrogacy. She plans on building a hospital dedicated to surrogate mothers – a baby factory as some may call it.

Many people don’t know whether to consider this baby factory a wonderful chance to give families a chance to have children…or just an unethical way to sell babies.

Dr. Patel wants to build a huge hospital dedicated to housing surrogate mothers for couples who cannot conceive.

She would pay each surrogate approximately $8,000 to carry a child for any couple who are willing to pay.

Potential parents will send their sperm and embryos to the hospital before flying in to pick up their child.

The clinic will have self-catering apartments for visiting Western couples, a floor for surrogate mothers, offices, delivery rooms, an IVF department and even restaurants and a gift shop.

Dr. Patel claims she isn’t selling children or creating a baby-making factory for profit. She simply wants to streamline the surrogacy process.

Surrogates have been benefiting from providing the service. They work hard and give the gift of life to parents.

One surrogate was able to send her own child to a better school.

Another built a new house for her family.

Infertile women like Barbara, seen below, now have a way to enjoy motherhood.

This is a sketch of the building the Doctor wants to build.

In fact, construction has already begun.


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