How They Got Rid Of This Beached Whale Is Insane…And Really, Really Gross

A beached whale is a tragic sight. A dead beached whale is not just a tragic sight, but it’s also a public health hazard. These massive creatures, while they are majestic in life, leave behind rather large corpses. When those large corpses end up on beaches, the stench can be pretty deadly.

Towns and cities have developed different ways of dealing with whale bodies, but the town of Florence, Oregon, might have the most unique approach. When a whale carcass washed ashore back in 1970, officials had no intention of trying to move it. Instead, they rigged it with explosives and pulled the trigger.

There is nothing quite like the sight of an exploding whale corpse.


(via Discovery Channel)

So. Freaking. Gross. I guess that’s a very efficient way to deal with what is essentially a large hunk of rotting meat, but I can’t imagine that’s very sanitary.

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