How Much Do You Actually Have In Common With Taylor Swift?

Y’know, other than being a nightmare dressed as a daydream.

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  1. Click everything you have in common with Taylor.

    1. 1 You were born in 1989.
    2. 2 You have an androgynous first name.
    3. 3 Your middle name is Alison.
    4. 4 You’re from Pennsylvania.
    5. 5 You grew up on a Christmas tree farm.
    6. 6 Your family owned a pony and several horses when you were a child.
    7. 7 You went to a Montessori school.
    8. 8 Your family had a summer home on the Jersey shore when you were a kid.
    9. 9 You won a national poetry contest when you were in fourth grade.
    10. 10 You sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a Philadelphia 76ers game when you were 11.
    11. 11 You signed your first artist development deal with a major label when you were in eighth grade.
    12. 12 Your family moved to Nashville when you were 14 to pursue your dream to become a country singer.
    13. 13 You starred in a lot of musicals when you were in school.
    14. 14 You did not go to your senior prom because you were too famous and it would’ve been a security issue.
    15. 15 You’ve been a guest star on “CSI.”
    16. 16 You’ve hosted an episode of “Saturday Night Live.”
    17. 17 Kanye West once stormed the stage while you were receiving an award.
    18. 18 You rarely show your belly button in public.
    19. 19 Your cat has a first and last name.
    20. 20 You love using Instagram.
    21. 21 You have over 22 million followers on Instagram.
    22. 22 People say you go on too many dates.
    23. 23 You once dated Joe Jonas.
    24. 24 You once dated Taylor Lautner.
    25. 25 You once dated John Mayer.
    26. 26 You once dated Jake Gyllenhaal.
    27. 27 You once dated a member of the Kennedy family.
    28. 28 You once dated Harry Styles.
    29. 29 You’re just friends with Ed Sheeran.
    30. 30 You often hang out with Lorde.
    31. 31 Karlie Kloss is your BFF.
    32. 32 You’ve learned a lot about feminism from Lena Dunham.
    33. 33 You recently moved to New York City and you LOVE IT!!!!
    34. 34 You can show us incredible things.
    35. 35 You like eating breakfast at midnight sometimes.
    36. 36 You are never ever ever getting back together with that one person.
    37. 37 You are sometimes lying on the cold hard ground.
    38. 38 You’ve been known to wear a T-shirt and sneakers while sitting on the bleachers.
    39. 39 You are happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.
    40. 40 You are NOT a fan of Katy Perry.
    41. 41 You are a nightmare dressed as a daydream.
    42. 42 You have been drunk on jealousy at least once.
    43. 43 You can make the bad guys good for the weekend.
    44. 44 You’ve got this music in your mind saying “it’s gonna be alright.”
    45. 45 You refuse to be on Spotify.
    46. 46 You’ve got a long list of ex-lovers who will tell people you’re insane.
    47. 47 Whenever you try to say “long list of ex-lovers” it sounds EXACTLY like “lonely Starbucks lovers.”
    48. 48 You really love the color red.
    49. 49 You love to bake cookies.
    50. 50 You’re worth about $200 million, give or take.

How Much Do You Actually Have In Common With Taylor Swift?

  1. You are either nothing at all like Taylor, or just a little bit like Taylor. You can’t win them all! But hey, you’re probably pretty cool on your own merits. You keep doing you!

  2. You are a LOT like Taylor Swift. That is very impressive! It must be nice to be so much like America’s pop sweetheart.

  3. If you clicked this many items, you are DEFINITELY Taylor Swift. Thank you for taking this quiz, Taylor! We love you at BuzzFeed. Your music rules.


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