How many Twitter followers did Rand Paul gain from his epic filibuster?!/Jromecollins/status/309613979737665536

After nearly 13 hours with no bathroom break, Sen. Rand Paul ended his dramatic filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination last night. The filibuster dominated social media, sending #StandWithRand and other topics trending throughout the evening.

So, how many Twitter followers did Paul gain? He started off with 96,720 followers.

WOW: Going into today, @senrandpaul had 96,720 followers. He’s now at 121K+. #Filiblizzard.

— Tyrone Gayle (@TyroneGayle) March 7, 2013

Word on the street is… @senrandpaul has gained 15k followers in the past 2 hours. What whaaaat!? #holla #IStandWithRand

— Angela Mitchell (@armitchell) March 7, 2013

since I started watching his numbers, @senrandpaul has gone from 118k to 130k followers#standwithrand

— Jeneva Lynne (@Jenevalynne) March 7, 2013

Just a few hours agoremember seeing @senrandpaul twitter account at 112,447 & now 133,052 @chaskelbennett @michellemalkin @seanhannity

— Yaakov Schapiro (@YaakovSchapiro) March 7, 2013

Evidently an epic filibuster is worth even more than Rubio’s “career-ending” water sip.

During his 12 hour and 52 minute filibuster @senrandpaulgained 37,172 Twitter followers( h/t @elilanger

— Tom Rotunno (@TomRotunno) March 7, 2013


Thursday morning, Paul is at 138,190 followers and counting. Not bad for a day’s filibuster.

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