Hilarious Guy Takes Mushy Couples Selfies…Without A Girlfriend And It’s Amazing.

Keisuke Jinushi is single and proud of it. Last year the 28-year-old Japanese freelance photographer and writer decided he had enough of couples taking romantic, mushy photos of themselves. Jinushi decided to do something about it. 

Shortly thereafter, pictures started appearing on his blog and Instagram of Jinushi with what appeared to be a young lady. True love at last? Well, not quite. As it turns out, Jinushi staged all of the pictures, and the woman in the pictures was actually him.

Strange, right? Just see how he did it.

On his blog Jinushi calls these photos the “hitori dates,” AKA one man dates.

This is how you strain your neck muscles.

The inspiration for these one man date photos came when Jinushi would visit cafes and see couples acting all mushy.

Seeing that, he said, made him want a girlfriend but he didn’t have one.

Since then he’s been blogging about his girl troubles through his photographs.

He’s still single though.

Jinushi says his friends have mostly reacted positively to his hitori date photos.

His grandmother though was a different story.

Jinushi says that she started crying after seeing his blog, because she thought her grandson was being pathetic.

Despite being a seasoned hitori date pro, Jinushi says he still gets embarrassed sometimes while taking the photos.

“I have to bring a tripod with me. That’s embarrassing and my heart still races ,” he said.

Such a cute photo!

This one is even cuter.

Jinushi considers his hitori date photography an art, and is constantly trying out new techniques.

It’s important, says Jinushi, for people not to be ashamed of being single.

(H/T: CNN)

Single and proud, I like that philosophy. Maybe we could all learn something from Jinushi. Just because you haven’t met “the one,” it doesn’t mean you have to be ashamed of it. Make sure to share this post on Facebook, and spread the appreciation of singledom by clicking below. 

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