He’s Been Called The Da Vinci of Barista Coffee Art. You Need To See Why.

Coffee artist Michael Breach has been making a name for himself for the intricate designs in his lattes and for his quirky sense of humor on his Instagram. Breach began doing these pieces of latte art while working the night shift as a barista. Because he had so few customers he would pass the time getting insanely good at making faces and things out of coffee milk and cream. Breach estimates he’s done over 400 different customizable lattes, and even does portraits by request! Let’s get caffeinated, ya’ll!

A scene from the movie, Gravity.

The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge looks extra golden here.

The Fresh Prince.

Breach calls this one “Java the Hut”. Nice.

Nelson Mandela.

This one is “Madonna sans face lift…”. Probably accurate.

Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Miles Davis in a haze.

A koala bear.

A dinosaur.

“Drinking John Milkovitch”.

“My coffee was hot so I added an Ice Cube.”–Michael Breach

His most recent. “Doctor Brew”.

Michael Jackson.

A scene from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Here are some choice selections from his ‘Portraits By Request’ series.

This is pretty cute.

Breach is already gaining international attention, and his art has been featured on major tv outlets and print media. Once again, if you like what he does you can follow him on his Instagram, Twitter or just check out his website. And you can always give this post a share on Facebook!

Read more: http://viralnova.com/michael-breach/

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