Here’s A List Of The Weirdest Things People Search For On Google. LOL, Come On People.

The Internet has been around for years now. As much as many people hate to admit it, it’s an essential part of our lives. You would be hard pressed to go an entire day without pulling out your smartphone or searching for something on Google.

“Is butter a carb?”

We take the Internet for granted in a lot of ways. Since we can access it almost anywhere, we perceive it to be more private than it really is. Because of that, we search for odd (and sometimes absolutely bizarre) things online without a second thought. You may tell yourself that no one knows what you are searching for. Let me just clear that up: people know. And now, thanks to sites like Search Factory, we have all kinds of statistics on the crazy things people are looking up. Just check out some of these strange search terms people are putting into Google:

(via: Search Factory) The next time you use Google to search for something strange at 3am, remember that someone on earth will probably know about it. (It might just end up as a statistic in an infographic, too, so at least you’re not alone.) Share these bizarre search terms with others by clicking on the button below. The Internet is a weird place… so spread the weirdness!

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