Here Are The 19 Most Coincidental Things Ever Photographed. #5 Is Hilarious But #11… SIGH.

Lots of people online argue over the real definition of irony. Whether these pictures are ironic or just awesome coincidences, one thing is certain: they are awesome. Some of these are hilariously subtle, while others are as blunt as a fire extinguisher… being on fire. Check them out.

1.) Oh YOU, puppy.

2.) I see what you did there, fence.

3.) Oops.

4.) Double oops.

5.) Hey, you got some America in that Canada cake.

6.) Just how invisible IS it?

7.) Well, you done broke it.

8.) C’mon Cedar Point.

9.) No, YOU.

10.) Except for this.

11.) Perhaps you could have been a little better.

12.) Straight in the trash, Verizon?

13.) Actually, they’re pretty helpful.

14.) If you use it, I guess.

15.) Paper? Done.

16.) But not an American box.

17.) So what are they for?

18.) BOOM.

19.) I’m not sure how they get healthy using this.

If any of these made you smile, at least a little bit, then spread that joy and share them with others. These pictures were awesome once in a lifetime opporunities.

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