Here Are Some Reminders That Dogs Have Magical Genie Noses.

Everyone knows that dogs have a fantastic of smell, but did you know how fantastic they really are?  Sometimes dogs use their noses to save our lives!  Here are a few things that dogs are trained to sniff for because they like us and want to keep us around.

Some dogs are trained to detect high or low levels of blood sugar. So maybe this guy is begging for Cheetos, or maybe he’s watching out for your hypoglycemia.

There’s a dog named Buck who is an expert in sniffing out ‘Foulbrood’ an infection that can be deadly to bee larvae in hives. Whenever you put honey in your tea, thank Buck!

Did you know that search and rescue teams use dogs to find dead bodies? Well did you know that dogs also excel at finding bodies in the water? Yup, they drive a little dog boat and everything! (Not really)

While your dog is sailing on his dog boat (again not a thing), he can also tell you if any whales have pooped recently. Yup, there’s a dog named Tucker who is trained to detect whale poop so scientists can examine their migrations.

If you live in New York, pay attention! Some dogs can detect bed bugs. Make sure your dog isn’t just telling you there are bed bugs in your bed so he can nap in it without you.

There are dogs who are trained to sniff DVD’s to stop the illegal movie-pirating trade. If only they could smell my movies in my Netflix instant queue to tell me if they are good or not.

Holy cow! Did you know dogs can detect when a cow is in heat? This probably isn’t useful to anyone except farmers and baby-crazy cow wives though.

Studies have shown that dogs can even detect cancer just by smelling a patient’s breath. Aren’t dogs awesome? They’re not just cute, they’re also fuzzy little hero machines!

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