Here Are 8 Terrifying Signs From The Future…Today. Seriously, #2 Is Awesome, But #7…OMG.

When I think of the future, everything is amazing. Seriously, we all have jet packs, eat food in pill form, and dogs can talk. But… wait.  That’s the Jetsons… darn. I guess the future will be scary and strange, the same way transporting our grandparents from fifty years ago to today would scare the bejeezus out of them. (Seriously Grandpa, my iPhone is more powerful than the computer they took to the moon.) Well save face now and check out these signs from the future. After all, it never hurt anyone to see what’s ahead of the curve…

The scariest part about all of these has to be that they’ll be around like tomorrow. Seriously, you know we’ll be seeing some sales on 3D printed meat pretty soon. 😉 Source: Imgur

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