Here Are 14 Simple Yet Brilliant Ways To Perfectly Read Other People. Whoa… I Had No Idea.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were absolutely shocked by someone’s true feelings, even though they said they felt otherwise? You could have been accidentally ignoring their blatant negative body language, and didn’t know what they were expressing at the time. These 14 simple tips will help you decipher the body language of your family, friends, spouses and coworkers. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll discover so much more about what a person thinks and feels, beyond what they’re just telling you with their words.

1.) Pay attention to where the hands go.

2.) Crossed arms can tell you a lot.

3.) Where are they looking?

4.) Where are YOU looking?

5.) Scratching may be a sign…

6.) Pay attention to the eyes as well.

7.) Crossing your legs is an art form.

8.) Sitting in a chair a certain way can say a lot.

9.) Check their nervous habits.

10.) Crossed arms… where are the thumbs?

11.) What are the hands behind the back doing?

12.) Back pats during hugs aren’t necessarily good signs…

13.) What are your hands doing in your pockets?

14.) If their feet aren’t pointing at you, they may be telling you something…

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