Her Grandpa Handed Her Some Notebooks And She Was So Moved By What They Contained

If you ask people what their fondest memories in life are, many will tell you that time spent with grandparents is pretty high on the list.

One girl named Lauren Blank would undoubtedly count herself among them. Blank’s relationship with her grandpa, Ron Petrillo, has always been a close one. Like many of us, she likely wishes that she could turn back the hands of time and go back to simpler days spent laughing and playing outside with her grandfather.

And what he did recently has allowed her to do just that. When she turned 16, Petrillo handed her three notebooks. What they contained brought tears to her eyes.

He filled each book with notes full of stories, memories, and bits of advice, starting when Blank was just three years old.

Until she was five, he made sure to put all of their best memories in writing.

As she explained to BuzzFeed, “I was completely in shock and couldn’t even cry at first.”

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