‘Hello? Gosnell?’: Small group of protestors crashes media’s ‘nerd prom’


Can’t the press have one night off from asking the tough questions? They’re just trying to have one weekend of fun with the president and some Hollywood celebrities and raise some money for journalism scholarships, but someone has to be a wet blanket, right?

How star-studded is the White House Correspondents’ Dinner? Even “Breitbart is here” — in sign form.

Protestors outside the Washington Hilton at the #whcd twitter.com/pattersonscott…

— Scott Patterson (@pattersonscott) April 27, 2013

Um there are protesters outside the #whcd #washingtonhilton twitter.com/skenigsberg/st…

— Sara Kenigsberg (@skenigsberg) April 27, 2013

Protesters in front of #whcd twitter.com/maryamb/status…

— maryamb (@maryamb) April 27, 2013

#whcd2013 twitter.com/Neda_Semnani/s…

— Neda Semnani (@Neda_Semnani) April 27, 2013

“White house stenographers this way” protesters outside #whcd2013 twitter.com/Neda_Semnani/s…

— Neda Semnani (@Neda_Semnani) April 27, 2013

Obama’s Stenographers’ Dinner? What’s that supposed to mean?

#nerdprom just a big kiss from progressive elites to Prog Press for omission bias? #benghazi#joblessrecovery#gosnell #Corzine #drones

— Jay Turner (@jayturner) April 27, 2013

I wonder who #Obama will give a shout out to tonight? #Boston #West #Gosnell or Planned Parenthood? #nerdprom #whcd

— SP Gordon (@GordonPress) April 27, 2013

@jdmullane Journalists have a lot more to be ashamed about than the WHCD.Fast&Furious, Benghazi, Gosnell, etc. #PalaceGuard

— William Occam (@OccamWilliam) April 27, 2013

Even some Obama supporters aren’t happy with the job the press has been doing and support Tom Brokaw’s decision to stay home this year.

Forgive me, Saint @tombrokaw, but @lindsaylohan‘s misdemeanors are far less consequential than an inept press. (1/2). #WHCD #tombrokaw

— Charles Mayaka (@TheMayaka) April 27, 2013

I’d like to hear @tombrokaw chastise his colleagues for the appalling journalistic standards rather than vainly protest the(2/2). #WHCD

— Charles Mayaka (@TheMayaka) April 27, 2013

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