Heck, No: President ObamaTax: Now ‘chip in $3 for 4 more years of progress’


Clearly, he doesn’t know what ‘progress’ means. He also has the audacity (not of hope) to ask people for money after stiffing them with the largest tax increase in history?

@BarackObama: Architect of a massive tax increase on the American middle class. #Obamacare #Obamatax

— Josh Mesker (@joshmesker) June 29, 2012

.@BarackObama is headed to Colorado. I have a good feeling about his plan to tax the trees for burning.

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) June 29, 2012

Citizens answer him with a hearty “Aw, heck no.”

This is "progress?" MT @barackobama: Chip in $3 to help make sure we see four more years of progress.

— Noel Sheppard (@NoelSheppard) June 29, 2012

@BarackObama LOL no.

— Brandon Garrett (@ThatBrandoKid_9) June 29, 2012

Not bad enough U R sucking us dry with taxes, now you want us to help? RT @BarackObama Tomorrow’s our biggest fundraising deadline yet

— You Shallnotpass (@YSNP2012) June 29, 2012

If this is 'progress', what the hell do you have in store for us next, @BarackObama?

— Shane Styles (@shaner5000) June 29, 2012

@BarackObama I would pay you not to run. Where is the donate button for that? #NOBAMA

— chris brown (@Cbrown32879) June 29, 2012

@BarackObama Perhaps "we" should just save the $3 to help pay for our mandated health insurance? Our health > your re-election right?

— Rich Dunbar (@RichDunbar) June 29, 2012

@RichDunbar I follow that account & every time I see anything about re-election I cringe. I want to hear about policy, not your job Mr. O.

— Frank W. Zammetti (@fzammetti) June 29, 2012

@BarackObama and promptly open your wallet.

— Daniel A Herber (@DanielHerber) June 29, 2012

@BarackObama No, I'll be keeping my $3 for gas to drive people to the polls and VOTE YOU out of office

— Dawn Anderson (@cmasmomtx) June 29, 2012


@BarackObama if you can pencil in some governing between fundraisers I'll promise to consider it #beggarscantbechoosers #firstthingsfirst

— Anthony Vento (@ventbro) June 29, 2012


@BarackObama umm how much did governor romney raise yesterday? yea i think we might actually get 4 years of progress this time

— Joe Macy (@maced1420) June 29, 2012

Great, think I'll donate to @MitRomney again RT @BarackObama Tomorrow’s our biggest fundraising deadline yet

— Brad Cundiff (@bradcundiff) June 29, 2012

@BarackObama plz dont tell me 1day the you are going to tax me more money because i have no health care, then next day ask me for dontaions

— Crystal B. (@crystal_co) June 29, 2012

Out of touch, as always. But, his fundraising is all that matters, right?

Sorry, champ. Looks like the citizens you just shafted with a huge, punitive tax increase are putting their money on Mitt Romney.

I just donated $50 to @MittRomney campaign. Please join me in helping him defeat @BarackObama. Give whatever you can #tcot

— Kelvin Chalkley (@bubba67801) June 29, 2012

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