He Went Out To Assess The Damage She Did To His Car…But She Definitely Wasn’t Done

Breaking up is always hard to do, but some relationships are much more tumultuous than others. Boston-based rapper Young Wild is well aware of that fact.

He learned it the hard way when he went outside and realized that a former girlfriend went into beast mode and destroyed his car. But when he stepped behind the car to take a look at the rest of the damage, it was clear that she wasn’t done with him yet. Good thing he kept the cameras rolling!

(via Reddit)

This is extremely dangerous behavior on the woman’s part (and it might just cost her an attempted vehicular homicide charge if Young Wild’s lawyers play it right), but I do have to wonder what the rapper did to incite such a reaction. I’m no Dr. Phil, but I suspect that we’re not getting the whole story here.

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