He Was Struggling And Didn’t Want To Read Books Until He Met A New Furry Friend

I’ve always been a huge bookworm.

When my mom would tell me to go outside and play, I usually just plopped down on the grass and opened my favorite stories. My brother, however, wasn’t that interested in reading, so my parents worried that he wouldn’t get enough practice. If only he’d had a dog to help him out!

Oli Cassini’s parents were also worried about his lack of interest in reading, so they took him to their local library. There they met a furry friend, also named Ollie, who was more than willing to listen.

The Read to a Dog Program uses therapy dogs to help children become comfortable with books and reading aloud. You can learn more about it in the clip below.

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These two make the perfect pair, and it seems like this program has really helped improve readers’ confidence. Share their partnership with others to show that anything is possible with the help of a dog.

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