He Was Alone Inside An Abandoned Hospital When He Heard These Terrifying Noises

Though I like to pretend that I’m a brave person, even the slightest sound can freak me out at night.

I’m usually aware that it’s probably just the house settling or my pets moving around, but sometimes even knowing what it is that you’re hearing can still be freaky — especially when no one else is around. That’s why you couldn’t pay me to do what this guy did.

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YouTuber Chris Kernaghan must have been looking for a few scares, because he decided to venture into an abandoned hospital late one night. But what he heard next is just chilling, because he was supposed to be all by himself.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahgEiVT-CB4?autoplay=0]

If I was him, I would have booked it out of there the first time I heard something. Then again, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like that at night.

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