He Took His Daughter To An Abandoned Building. What He Captured There Is Stunning.

Photographer Freaktography and his daughter are no strangers to exploring abandoned buildings and appreciating the eerie beauty they still hold.

In fact, the urban explorer has had the pleasure of documenting his little girl growing up in several visits to an old yet beautiful property in Upstate New York with the owner’s permission. The first time they visited in 2014, she was afraid to stray away from her dad. Last year, the two donned vintage gas masks and captured on camera what it would be like to live in a post-apocalyptic world. This year, Freaktography simply wanted to contrast his daughter’s innocence against the building’s decay, and the results are stunning.

In their latest photo series called “Beauty in Decay” the girl’s presence brought new life to the derelict building. “I took her photo in this exact same spot three years ago and it is crazy to see what a little lady she has grown into in such a short time,” her dad said.

“On our first visit to this building she was terrified and stuck to me like glue. This year, on our third trip here together, she was much more relaxed and excited, and she was a natural in front of my camera.” Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites from this series.

“A Flower Among the Ruin”

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“Let the Light Shine In”

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“Mourning Dead Flowers”

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“Window Pain”

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“Blood Red”

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“Step Out”

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