He Spray Painted A Barbie Car And Created The Absolute Coolest Thing For His Son

If you were blessed enough by the old gods and the new to have your own Barbie Jeep as a kid, just know that I envy you with every fiber of my being.

I can only imagine that you peaked at age five while hitting the open driveway in your ride, and I mean that in the least shady way possible. That’s why the son of this glorious man better suit up, because what his dad did to a Barbie Jeep is the dream of every dino-loving child under the sun (read: me, even as an adult person).

It all started with a purple car.

He knew that his little guy wished he could be a Jurassic Park ranger, but all that crazy paint would totally blow his cover.

Being the dad of the century, he dismantled it and threw on some primer to get the majestic beast ready for its new lease on life.

It looked like a hot mess at first, as all great works of art do. No matter. He had a vision for what this plaything would become.

After applying some neutral paint that would help his ranger hide from pesky raptors, he decided to continue being a gift to mankind and pull out all the decorative stops.

A little gray and red paint took this Jeep from Barbie to badass in no time.

Next came assembly. He put it back together piece by piece.

And just like that, he created something that’s even better than my actual car.

The dedicated dad even found decals on eBay, because why not?

If someone steals this one day, just remember that it wasn’t me.

Yes it was.

Hey, childhood? It’s me. I’d like a redo.

For more details on how to be a better parent, check out the full project here!

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