He Says His Fiance Is The Total Package…She Just Needs To Take ‘Wife Lessons’

Every healthy relationship comes with the expectation of being able to make compromises, but what about when your partner starts controlling every aspect of your life?

One woman recently went on “The Dr. Phil Show” to sort out her issues with her fiancé, but the session revealed a disturbing truth about their relationship that doesn’t seem to bode well for their future.

Josh and Rebecca are engaged and have a daughter with another baby on the way. Josh says he loves almost everything about Rebecca, but that he won’t marry her until she makes very specific changes.

“I love her size, her height, she’s perfectly proportioned. She’s a strong gal. She can pick up two bags of potatoes instead of one. Physically, Rebecca is the perfect woman. Mentally, she is not,” Josh said.

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What’s so wrong about her, you ask? Well, according to Josh, she isn’t meeting his needs — and he doesn’t think its fair because he’s the breadwinner.

Not only has he said that he believes he’s more intelligent than her, but that she also needs to learn “wife lessons” before he’ll agree to marry her. “Once Rebecca learns to be a better wife and mother, I think the sky’s the limit,” he said. Yeah, you seem like a catch, buddy.

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