He Hugged The Wrong Person, But It Turned Out To Be The Best Thing For Everyone

For most of us, it’s easy to be affectionate with our friends.

When I see my best friends from across the room, I love to walk up and give them a great big hug. Hugs remind us how much our loved ones care for us.

What can be totally awkward, though, is hugging the wrong person. That’s what happened to Reddit user _Eri_, but it turned out to be the best thing for both him and the classmate he accidentally hugged.

_Eri_ writes:

“I was walking around my school, and I see my best friend since 6th grade, or so I thought. This guy had the same short scrubby black hair, wore the same color jacket, and typical jeans and sneakers. I ran up and just acted dumb, hugged him from behind and this kid just stopped dead in the hallway. This guy was crying and he turned to me with his face red as could be, tears and snot running and he nearly knocked me to the floor when he pushed into me and basically fell into me crying. We ended up missing nearly all of 6th period. The principal came and took us to the counselors office and I was told to go back to class but this guy, in tears and with a death grip on my arm, begged them to let me stay, because I was the only person who was nice to him. He went on to the counselor about his life at home (I won’t go into it for his sake) and at school and any time it got to be too much he would fall into me crying. I never thought so much could come from an accidental hug.”

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