He Heard A Woman Crying At The Store. Then He Told Her Something So Amazing.

Though there are many horrific stories that give us reason to never trust our fellow human beings, sometimes we forget that there are also kind people who do good deeds and expect nothing in return.

In 2015, a man named Bear Taliferro Jr. was shopping at a Walmart store after a very long day of work when he noticed that a woman in the checkout line next to him was crying because she couldn’t afford food for her daughter. Maybe it’s because he has his own children or might have experienced similar struggles in his life, but either way, what he did next for this lady was extremely kind and generous. We’ll let him tell the amazing story he shared about his act of kindness in his own words.

“Last night, I left from pulling two 14 hour shifts. Stopped by the grocery store to grab food for dinner and as I was checking out a woman started crying in the next checkout line,” he said.

“Her daughter asked her what’s wrong and she said, ‘We can’t afford to eat tonight.’ A person behind her gave her a couple dollars and she bought her daughter a Kid Cuisine TV dinner. I told her to grab what she wants, I’ll pay for it.”


“I NEVER stop at this Wal-Mart. I’m not posting this for likes. I’m simply saying GOD puts you where he needs you to be WHEN he needs you to be there.”

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