He Didn’t Want To Throw Away His Old, Broken Skis…So He Did This With Them Instead!

Now that ski and snowboarding season is over for the Northern Hemisphere, many snow enthusiasts understand that their equipment has seen its final slope. After years of cutting fresh powder, our boards and skis become quite worn. So what do you do with your old, favorite skis? Don’t donate them or throw them away — make them into beautiful Adirondack chairs that you can enjoy this summer!

Let Instructables user show you the ropes.

After seeing an Adirondack chair made of skis at a lodge, mara0192 was inspired to make his own. He bought three pairs of skis secondhand and got to work.

Using a computer program, he sketched out this design for his chair.

“This was the hardest work and longest part of the project for me, but [it] was by far the most rewarding part.”

Then it was time to start working on the actual skis. The first step was to remove all the hardware.

This would be the layout for the back of the chair.

Using a metal file, he shaved down the sharp edges so that sitting on the skis wouldn’t result in scratches or cuts.

Using a hacksaw, mara0192 cut the skis in two places.

Then it was time to make the chair’s frame…he cut the pieces from his design using a jigsaw.

He assembled the bottom of the chair where the seat skis would be placed.

This is one of the armrests.

He drilled holes and screwed everything together piece by piece.

And when everything was said and done…the finished product looks pretty epic!

notes that he altered his designs a little as he went along — and encourages other DIYers to do the same! I don’t know about you, but I might try to make one or two of these for my backyard.

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