Ha! Dennis Miller slams liberals bitterly clinging to no humor


Like fellow SNL alum Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller has noticed that bitter leftists totally lack funny bones.


Oh my. That’s perfect.


Heh. Miller’s ability to smack down trolls with aplomb is perhaps matched only by Fox News’ Brit Hume.

Ask and ye shall receive, Mr. Miller! Conservatives on Twitter swiftly provided an answer to his question.


And win:


Bingo! Liberals may lack a sense of humor, but they inadvertently provide much of it. It’s hilarious that those who claim to celebrate individuality do anything but. Instead, they walk in lockstep to the point where they can’t even giggle without permission.

Speaking of giggle, Dennis Miller appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” last night.


Humor. Conservatives win in that arena hands down.


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