Got a spare million? Inauguration planners want you to donate your fair share!/VodkaPundit/status/288766244386123776

The Obama administration knows you might be a little strapped for cash after donating last year to the most expensive presidential campaign ever, but if you do have an extra $1 million sitting around, the president’s inauguration planners will take it.

The Associated Press is reporting that inauguration planners are soliciting donations of up to $1 million. Austerity cutbacks? Those can wait until February, right? So what do you get for a million bucks? “Such donation packages, which come with special access, are a far cry from the policy of Obama’s first inauguration to accept contributions up to only $50,000 from individuals,” writes the AP.

Why does Obama need $1 million for his inauguration? Give that money to some people in need dawg. Practice what you preach

— Zach Fleer (@ZachFleerLGHL) January 8, 2013

Consider it a stimulus for the American party industry; the White House can stop shredding the Constitution and buy some fresh confetti instead.

@AP Why would anyone contribute for reasons other than attempting to curry favor with the government? Here come more Solyndra's.

— Charles Fenwick (@chasfenwick) January 8, 2013

@AP Wondering when he is gonna stop asking the country to give to him and start giving to his country #kennedy #ashamed #FAIL @whitehouse

— Matt Veigl (@mattv31) January 8, 2013

For what? 2 balls? RT @AP Obama inauguration planners ask for record solicitations up to $1 million to fund festivities

— Patricia Kellogg (@PatriciaKellogg) January 8, 2013

What would you prefer? A second-term president with no balls?

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