Get The Best Of Both Worlds With These Adorable Mixed Breed Dogs. D’aww!

Picking a dog to adopt can be one of the most difficult decisions you ever face: they’re all just so cute! I mean, they all literally have puppy dog eyes. But! There’s good news. You don’t have to settle for just one adorable breed because there are several even MORE adorable mixed breeds. 

Not only are mixed breeds so cute, but they have better health records as well. Many purebred dogs are also severely inbred, causing to many health problems. If you adopt a mixed breed dog from the shelter, both you and the dog will be happier for it! These are some of the cutest mixes you can find online:

1.) Cheagle: chihuahua and beagle

2.) Doxieman: dachshund and doberman

3.) Siberpoo: Siberian husky and poodle

4.) Dorgi: dalmatian and corgi

5.) Schnauzahuahua: schnauzer and chihuahua

6.) Pitsky: pitt bull and husky

7.) Yorkie poo: yorkie and poodle

8.) Corgidor Retriever: labrador and corgi

9.) Golden dox: golden retriever and dachshund

10.) Schnoodle: schnauzer and poodle

11.) Pugapoo: pug and poodle

12.) Horgi: husky and corgi

13.) Boston chihuahua: Boston terrier and chihuahua

14.) Chusky: chow chow and husky

15.) Corman shepherd: corgi and German shepherd

(H/T: Huffington Post.)

I definitely need a cheagle in my life. (And yes, I’d name him Don Cheagle.) You can look into rescuing your own best bud by checking out the ASPCA and Humane Society websites for information about your local shelters.

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