Fox Decides Man Out For A Walk Is His Best Friend…And Won’t Let Him Leave

Attracting friendly woodland creatures is something we generally associate with Disney princesses.

After all, it’s not like furry critters just show up in the street and curl up in people’s laps, right? In the case of one London man, that’s exactly what happened when he encountered a fox while out for a nighttime walk. As you’ll see below, the fox followed Henry Hoffman around, chewed on his bag, and played tug-of-war before sitting down to relax. Hoffman eventually tried to chase the fox away, but not before making sure he wouldn’t get hit by a bus.

Hoffman, now attached to his new friend, finally says, “I love you but you have to let me go home.”

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This city-slicker fox clearly just wants a buddy! Better luck next time, little guy.

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