Former Cowboys player Emmitt Smith donates $10K to Wendy Davis campaign!/Just_a_Texan/status/430885079565340672

Former Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith is one of the greatest offensive players in the NFL, but the large contribution he reportedly made to the controversial Democratic candidate for Texas governor is one of the most “offensive” moves he’s made in a long time:!/HomerVA/status/430898046801428481!/KevRGo/status/430853692678340608!/okc_blair/status/430852195760615424!/victoria_29/status/430851769493491712!/BrianMolt/status/430850596317724673!/know_ur_role/status/430850959074263041!/smgliberty/status/430850061392556032!/DarrinBrandon/status/430848718854946817!/RedBrightandTru/status/430849505894752256!/Lmg1234567/status/430826599785562112!/2AmendDefender/status/430835310851665920!/Lmg1234567/status/430841156046290944

Others were very happy with the news:!/tammyvent/status/430879837851369472!/BGTXTCU/status/430838169123041280!/NETRetired/status/430886330013204480

It’s really unfortunate to see such a great player join the team of infanticide.


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