FLOTUS appearance at Oscars inspires hashtag game


The First Lady’s intrusion into the Oscars show tonight irked viewers from all parts of the political spectrum. The stunt spawned a priceless, bipartisan hashtag game: Predict #NextMichelleObamaAppearance.

Some of our faves:

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance Announcing the next Pope.

— Fr. Kenneth Allen (@PadreAllen) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance Driving the pace car at the Indy 500

— Alan Levesque (@DailyPamphlet) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance: *Knock Knock Knock!* “CPS! Open the door!”

— Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance Selection Sunday for March Madness with Greg Gumbel

— Aaron Besonen (@AaronBesonen) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearanceYour mandatory voicemail greeting.

— GayPatriot (@GayPatriot) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance Wheaties

— The Right Planet (D) (@therightplanet) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance your gym class to declare kids who lose at anything are not losers, they are “second place winners”

— The Young Cons (@YoungCons) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance Conducting the next Boston Pops July 4th concert and replacing all John Philip Sousa tunes with Jay-Z.

— Ratspinkie (@Ratspinkie) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance Writing a new “Dear Abby” column that will be required to be carried by all newspapers

— darleenclick (@darleenclick) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance – At the Pomona Fairgrounds!! … Michelle drives the monster truck Iron Maiden … Sunday! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!!

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance Delivery room nurse for the next Beyonce/Jay-Z baby.

— Alice Nelson (@AL_Nelson) February 25, 2013

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance At the World Series, lip synching to Beyonce’s inaugural national anthem performance

— Angela Nelson (@angelaisms) February 25, 2013

Dear Lord, no:

#NextMichelleObamaAppearance As the model for an updated Oscar statue, probably.

— Bill Hobbs (@billhobbs) February 25, 2013

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