Flip Flops Saved This Woman’s Life. No, Really.

Jennifer Lyons’ narrowly avoided getting electrocuted when the satellite dish on top of her home was struck by lightning. The 30,000-volt strike forced plugs out of the walls and sent debris flying everywhere. Lyons herself was knocked back by the bolt. She still managed to escape electrocution by the skin of her teeth. Well, soles of her sandals, I should say.

The 49-year-old nurse left the house, which was set aflame, with only a bump on her head because the rubber flip flops she was wearing prevented the electricity from passing through her body. Normally, being indoors would protect you from lightning, but it’s possible that the electricity was attracted to the microwaves emitted by the phone Lyons was using.

(via Mirror)

Still want me to take my shoes off before I come in the house, mom?

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