‘Fish murderer!’ MTV’s Chet Cannon busts Aly Weisman for dead animal hypocrisy [pics]


As Twitchy reported, Business Insider’s Aly Weisman joined up with the social media mob to take down 17-year-old Axelle Despiegelaere. Despiegelaere’s crime? Posting a photo of herself with an animal she had hunted and killed. Following the efforts of do-gooders like Weisman, L’Oreal announced it had “completed” its contract with Despiegelaere and is no longer working with her.

Fed-up tweeters accused Weisman of being jealous and spiteful. Her conduct suggests that she’s indeed both of those things. But did you know she’s also a hypocrite? As MTV personality Chet Cannon found, even though Weisman declared Despiegelaere’s photo to be “crass,” she seems to be OK with photos of dead animals — as long as she’s the one posting them:


Oh, Aly … how could you?!


fish are friends not food

Could it get any worse? As a matter of fact, yes:


So crass!




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