Ever Wonder What Happens When You Drive Into Area 51? It’s Not Pretty

When it comes to the world of alien conspiracy theories, no place is more shrouded in mystery than Area 51.

This secretive location in the Nevada desert is heavily guarded, and it’s rumored to be the facility in which the U.S. government communicates with aliens. It first rose to prominence following what conspiracy theorists believed was a UFO crash back in 1947. They speculated that government officials took alien corpses and crafts to Area 51 for examination.

And the area is heavily guarded to this day. Trespassers are warned that guards are armed with deadly weapons and prepared to shoot as they see fit. Despite all that, numerous people over the years have tried to sneak onto the property. So what happens when you try to drive into Area 51?

Here’s how such intrusions play out.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLm4fXL-EM4?autoplay=0]

I’d love to hear exactly what was said during that exchange. In any case, it’s pretty obvious that the government doesn’t want us going anywhere near Area 51.

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