Egypt’s Mubarak sentenced to life in prison for failing to stop killing of protesters during uprising; his sons and security chiefs acquitted!/CarlosLatuff/status/208843251057303552

Jerusalem Post: “Deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison on Saturday for ordering the killing of protesters during the uprising that swept him from power last year. Presiding judge Ahmed Refaat also sentenced his former interior minister, Habib el-Adli, to life in prison on the same charge.”

Many Egyptians welcomed those verdicts.

Scenes of jubilation outside the court as some celebrate the news of #Mubarak's life sentence |

— AJELive (@AJELive) June 2, 2012

Mother of #jan25 martyr seconds after hearing that her son's murderer will be jailed for life #MubarakTrial #Egypt

— Jack Shenker (@hackneylad) June 2, 2012

Some feel that life in prison is too lenient a sentence:

Photo: a proponent of capital punishment at the Mubarak verdict. #Egypt

— benwedeman (@bencnn) June 2, 2012

Meanwhile, the judge dropped charges against Mubarak’s sons, Alaa and Gamal Mubarak, and Mubarak’s security chiefs.

Judge acquits all 4 assistants to min interior, including former heads of SSI and CSF, and two security chief of all charges. #Mubaraktrial

— hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) June 2, 2012

Judge in reasoning highlights weakness of evidence presented b prosecutor, lack of material evidence indicting accused #Mubaraktrial

— hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) June 2, 2012

This news was greeted with dismay by many Twitter users:

Judge closes, courtroom breaks into chants" the people want cleansing of the judiciary." loud lawyers chanting false false

— hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) June 2, 2012

Surreal scenes of courtroom scuffles. Court is packed full of security.

— hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) June 2, 2012

Verdict will go to appeal. Shouldnt be too difficult for lawyers to appeal Mubarak and Adly sentences given acquittal of all MOI aides

— hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) June 2, 2012

I repeat: court convicted Mubarak & Adly for failing to stop killings, not convicted for having aiding and abetting killing protesters

— Sharif Kouddous (@sharifkouddous) June 2, 2012

The State Security officers have been found innocent just in time to resume their activities under Shafiq.

— الرئيس أبو كار (@Sarahcarr) June 2, 2012

WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF not guilty for Aldy’s men

— Gigi Ibrahim (@Gsquare86) June 2, 2012

Alaa and Gamal ?!!!? ? ?

— Gigi Ibrahim (@Gsquare86) June 2, 2012

nothing for mubarak sons, the judge seems to say statute of limitations has expired on the corruption allegations

— David D. Kirkpatrick (@ddknyt) June 2, 2012

Life time in jail for #Mubarak is not as bad as it seems. He has gardens,swimming pool &an airstrip. #MubarakTrial

— Bel Trew – بل ترو (@Beltrew) June 2, 2012

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