Each Of These Whimsical Paintings Could Be From A Tim Burton Movie. Wow.

Gabriel Lehman is an artist living in Wilmington, North Carolina, and his paintings will blow you away. Lehman had a rough start in life as a dyslexic child. His condition made school a place he did not want to be. As a result, drawing became a way for him to escape everyday life.

Despite a love of drawing, the Indiana native chose to pursue music with not much success. Eventually, Lehman decided to give visual art another go, and found a passion for painting. Since 2009, his unique style has impressed art scenes across the country.

The best way I can think to describe it is: if Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton had a love child. You’ve really just got to see these paintings. 

(Via: Reddit)

Wow. There is something strange and whimsical about these paintings… I can’t look away. Share them with you friends on Facebook by clicking below, and see what they think.

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