Drunk(?) ‘Parks and Rec’ actress pulls a Kanye on Ferrell at #mtvmovieawards


lol wtf juss happened here with aubry plaza’s drunk ass trynna yeezy will ferrell.. twitter.com/killjordan/sta…

— jørð∆nmø✞∆ (@killjordan) April 15, 2013

Wow I hate Aubrey Plaza. Let’s run on stage drunk and try to #kanye Will Ferrell as he gives his award speech. #pieceoftrash #classless

— Greg Ciafardoni (@GMC1220) April 15, 2013

was that will ferrell thing with the drunk girl real? lol what thee

— koop (@koopiepoopie) April 15, 2013

In case you missed it #aubreyplaza trying to steal Will Ferrell’s award #thetodolist #spilleddrink #mtvmovieawards twitter.com/iknowralph/sta…

— Ralph Garcia (@iknowralph) April 15, 2013

Was she really drunk or was this a staged stunt like MTV’s Punked? That’s what young viewers are wondering tonight after Parks and Recreation actress Aubrey Plaza, glass in hand, stumbled on stage during comedian Will Ferrell’s acceptance stage. After pulling a Kanye, she spilled her drink and got herself ejected from the event.

@resses420 lol i only watched it for a few mins but caught a funny part in it,, heres a vidyoutube.com/watch?v=JnY9GU…

— itsMFMark! (@MarkGarza18) April 15, 2013

Aubrey Plaza Asked To Leave TLEG Movie Awards After Will Ferrell Stage-Crash… Follow us … on.fb.me/XJMdzX twitter.com/lionsground/st…

— TLEG (@lionsground) April 15, 2013

Did anyone else see the that drunk girl just walk up to will Ferrell and try to take his award? Hahaha I’m still tripping over it guys!

— Nadine Cypress (@nadcypwaygee) April 15, 2013

Apparently Aubrey Plaza tried to pull a Kanye West on will Ferrell at the MTV Movie Awards. Ahahaha.Bitch, sit your drunk ass down.

— Em. (@RobrtsEmma) April 15, 2013

Ermm what just happened on the mtv music awards? That was super awkward…. and she spilled her drink.

— Krista (@kristaleighhhh) April 15, 2013

Classy. Minus the “C” and the “L.”

Aubrey Plaza "Kanyes" Will Ferrell at MTV Movie Awards 2013 – picspoon.com/2013/04/aubrey… twitter.com/picspoon/statu…

— jenny lisa (@picspoon) April 15, 2013


@nadcypwaygee was she actually drunk??? Because he was like “just how we rehearsed it!” after she sat down

— Alana Roberts (@Original_Gip00) April 15, 2013

@original_gip00 he was saying that to play along, you didn’t see his reaction? Or the audiences reactions? That was real

— Nadine Cypress (@nadcypwaygee) April 15, 2013

@adelgadohh obviously not, Will Ferrell was just good at improvising. that chick spilled her drink when she sat down her eyes are buggin

— Seth Owen (@BIGMAN4LIFE) April 15, 2013

She’s a hot mess!!! LMAO she spilled her drink all over herself and tried to grab Will Ferrell’s award!Wtf hahaha

— Kalka, Julie(@kornbreaadswaaq) April 15, 2013

Will Ferrell On Aubrey Plaza’s Movie Awards ‘Kanye’ Moment: ‘It Was A Lot Of Hot Liquor Br… on.fb.me/XJMdzX twitter.com/lionsground/st…

— TLEG (@lionsground) April 15, 2013

I think Will Ferrell forgot the 1st rule of improv “Yes, and…” He let my girl @evilhag hang out to dry. Not cool man. on.mtv.com/12aAucN

— ricksavage (@ricksavage) April 15, 2013

Here’s the “Yes, and” rule of improv.

If that wasn’t all bizarre enough, Plaza’s performance came right after this:

Will Ferrell and his fake family fall under #MTVMovieAwards most bizarre moments: yhoo.it/ZVaxZttwitter.com/YahooMovies/st…

— Nishkam Vasisht (@nishkam_v) April 15, 2013

What’s up with that hashtag “#thetodolist,” anyway? Hype for Plaza’s upcoming movie.


#thetodolist #mtvmovieawards im not stalking @evilhag ok yes i am twitter.com/lizadye/status…

— Liza Dye (@lizadye) April 15, 2013

Looking forward to a day of think pieces about whether @evilhag‘s Kanye-ing of @itswillyferrell to hype #thetodolist will pay off.

— Franklin Leonard (@franklinleonard) April 15, 2013

I’m just really happy that a movie involving @evilhag and @donaldglover is a thing that’s happening #TheToDoList imdb.com/title/tt175879…

— Amy Del Rio (@amdr93) April 15, 2013

Aubrey’s stunt worked. I googled #thetodolist and now I’m looking forward to a movie I had never heard of.

— Nikki P (@NikkiP2013) April 15, 2013

Big pimpin’, all around.

Best #Giffie of the night? Aubrey Plaza (@evilhag) wins the Kanye West Award For Achievement In Interruption: bit.ly/132XSLP

— MTV (@MTV) April 15, 2013

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