Django Unchained makes moviegoers sick to their stomachs … literally!/putasmiileonx/status/290358321226059776

Many Django moviegoers have one of two reactions. Either they want to go out and shoot some white people or, thanks to the movie’s gratuitous violence, they feel like throwing up:

Django was really good but it made me wanna throw up at the same time

— Kara McNeil (@thekaramcneil) January 11, 2013

Just saw Django with Court and Dave. It was a great film but I felt nauseous almost the entire time. #somuchblood

— Lindsay Kohlhauser (@IBeNinja) January 6, 2013

Django made me sick in the stomach, but I kinda wana go watch it again!

— ::BRiiiiTTAnY ♡♥· (@4evadabossbritt) January 7, 2013

DJANGO: I wanted to laugh, cry, scream, and vomit. #emotionsunchained #whatsnew

— Hannah Eure (@hannaheure) January 9, 2013

Django goes even further than Basterds in terms of sheer horror. I couldn’t even watch the Mandigo fighting scene and still felt nauseous.

— Erin, cheese liker (@erinprovolone) January 7, 2013

#Django is making me feel sick to my stomach.

— Rashel Shamsipour (@Rashel_S) January 12, 2013

My response to #Django? I yelled “Best movie ever!” and then proceeded to throw up three times in the movie theater bathroom.

— Anachronistic (@HistrionicPress) January 12, 2013

Just saw Django Unchained…..and I want to vomit.

— Kristina Moore (@KristinaMxox) January 7, 2013

I don’t know how I feel a about Django …… The last part made me wanna throw up

— EnΔss (@enassM) January 9, 2013

Ever watched a movie that made u throw up? #Django RT@jackiechristie Ever Watched a Movie & Just couldn’t stop thinking about it? #Django

— Kaye Wise Whitehead (@kayewhitehead) January 8, 2013

Django was so good but also gross and the blood made me vomit although seeing Leonardo DiCaprio’s face made everything better because unf

— Princess Kadie Mo-Mo (@Kadiethecatlady) January 7, 2013

Django makes me sick to my stomach

— Arthur McArthur (@arthurmcarthur) January 9, 2013

Just saw django…. I’m literally nauseous.

— Elycia Kazemian ♕ (@ekrazy3) January 7, 2013

To be quite honest Django made me extremely uncomfortable, I’m about to throw up. #omg

— Elli Cowles (@ellicowles) January 6, 2013

Django left my ass nauseous lmao

— G (@loveyoursG_) January 7, 2013

Django makes me almost sick to my stomach. Good movie but wtf.😒

— Ian Taylor (@IanTaylor028) January 9, 2013

Django was the most excellent movie I have ever seen. It was disturbing and made me sick to my stomach, but also very eye opening! #sogood

— Mags (@magraex3) January 8, 2013

So Django made me want to throw up 😒😒😒

— MiaFace.♡ (@Miia_Bia) January 6, 2013

Django made me want to Barf..

— Ny’Ree(@SammyBonaduce) January 7, 2013

I really wish someone had warned me that I would vomit up in my mouth while watching Django Unchained.

— Megan Lucsko (@MeganLucsko) January 6, 2013

You’ve been warned. So if you see Django, be prepared:

Heading to see Django… Wish me luck. Tarentino is always worth the gore but I brought a barf bag just in case.

— Madelyn Raines(@MadelynRaines) January 7, 2013

And remember, this movie has received a stamp of approval from anti-gun fanatic Michael Moore.


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