Dem Jesse Smith strikes again: That’s ‘RACIEST’!/jt4congress2014/status/508966753675005952

We also have an abundance of look-at-me Congressional hopefuls who say and tweet outrageous stuff just to get attention rather than actually add to the political discourse. And they make funny spelling errors, too:


(Editor’s note: The original tweet is here.)

If this sounds familiar, it should. Smith just last week wrote this now-deleted tweet comparing the GOP to ISIS. We reported it before he deleted it, however:

The greatest country on earth is being bullied from within. Actions of Republicans in congress are worse than #ISIL.
JT Smith (@jt4congress2014) September 02, 2014

Some more examples from the guy hoping to beat Mike Rogers in Alabama’s third congressional district:!/jt4congress2014/status/506250414560657408!/jt4congress2014/status/506261654729134080

And he’s not above RT’ing his supporters who call Rogers a chickenhawk:


We wonder, is it “raciest” to question if President Obama is a “strong American” or not because he didn’t serve in the military?


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