Cult Member Refuses to Attend Daughter’s Wedding

When Lauren Drain was getting married, her father Steve wasn’t there to walk her down the aisle: he refused to attend. He joined the cult known as the Westboro Baptist Church and, according to their teachings, she was offending the Lord.

Because of his beliefs, he kicked her out of the house by the time she was 21 years-old. The other church members met about his daughter, who didn’t strictly follow their teachings, and advised that she be removed from his life… so he missed his own daughter’s special day.

Steve Drain, as a part of the Westboro Baptist church, couldn’t support his own daughter at her own wedding.

Even though she didn’t have her father, this young woman was surrounded by loved ones at her wedding.

Even better, two women who ran away from the cult decided to come to her side… and walk her down the aisle. It’s a day she won’t forget.

Love still prevails, even through hardships.


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