Conservative hashtag takeover: #ReadyToGo!/Le_Gaul/status/198878479624847360

Once again, conservatives eat up an Obama campaign hashtag. This time it is #ReadyToGo. Many Obama supporters are ready, but do they know where they are going?

#ReadyToGo find those shovel ready jobs?

— Heather (@hboulware) May 5, 2012

#ReadyToGo listen to more lies from @BarackObama

— drdr jojo (@drdrjojo) May 5, 2012

#readytogo explain how you know Bill Ayers & why it's ok to have a terrorist as a mentor?

— Jo (@JDtheBard) May 5, 2012

#ReadyToGo slow jam the economy.

— Gregoré (@greg_zemaitis) May 5, 2012

#ReadyToGo support and vote for infanticide?

— Heather (@hboulware) May 5, 2012

This crowd is #ReadyToGo use other people's money.

— hoopsDaddy (@hoops_Daddy) May 5, 2012

#readytogo off teleprompter so we can hear your real agenda?

— Dagny Taggart (@Indepgirlism) May 5, 2012

I sure hope Obama is #ReadyToGo out of the White House after this election.

— Crudo (@Crudotastic) May 5, 2012

#ReadyToGo advocate big daddy government because women are evidently to dumb to think for themselves.

— Heather (@hboulware) May 5, 2012

Obama's #readytogo Where? he doesn't know either.

— Dangerous (@Oenonewept) May 5, 2012

#ReadyToGo back to Liberty and away from Communism

— Tony Manna ن (@tony_manna) May 5, 2012!/A4CHNIT1/status/198881801958203392

If Obama is re-elected, I'll be #ReadyToGo to the moon with #Newt.

— Antonio Martinez (@djtechchicago) May 5, 2012

#ReadyToGo and make my own choices

— Randy Roach (@astroroach) May 5, 2012

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