Community Post: Which “Backstreet Boys” Song Should Be Your Personal Anthem?

Are you “Larger Than Life” or “Incomplete?”

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Which “Backstreet Boys” Song Should Be Your Personal Anthem?

  1. You got: “Larger Than Life”

    You live for the spotlight! You try your very best to inject humor and enthusiasm in every situation you encounter. You’re basically a traveling circus act for your friends. If every object that King Midas touched turned into gold, then every room you touch turns into a party.

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  2. You got: “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely”

    You’re a sensitive soul whose main goal in life is to leave a trail of love wherever you go. When life gets heavy, you’re likely to retreat into your shell. But soon enough, you’ll bounce back with much more energy and you’ll be able to take on anything this big, bad world throws at you.

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  3. You got: “I Want It That Way”

    You’re the perfect romantic partner for just about anyone. You dedicate lots of time and effort to keep that passion burning between you and your sweetheart. You’re naturally sweet and kindhearted, but if anyone threatens your relationship, you’ll stop at nothing to protect it at any cost.

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  4. You got: “As Long As You Love Me”

    You have a laid-back approach to life and going with the flow of things has treated you well. Any nerve-racking situation that would ordinarily make anybody else crumble under pressure has little to no effect on you. Life is fantastic and you feel fantastic!

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  5. You got: “Everybody (Backstreets Back)”

    You’re a social butterfly whose wings know no bounds. Your default face is a smile. You have a deep passion for music and dance and you share this love with everyone you meet. You always find a way to achieve your goals with such grace and poise. Simply put, the world would be a better place if it filled with more people like you!

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  6. You got: “Incomplete”

    You are frequently deep in thought, pondering the places you’ve been and the people you’ve met, and how they’ve led you to who you are today. You possess a natural curiosity about the world that sparks your adventurous side and ignites your creativity muscles. You are truly a diamond in the rough and you should let your awesomeness shine!

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