Civility? Author Katie Pavlich’s brother has car vandalized, keyed over Romney sticker; More reports pour in!/KatiePavlich/status/262275465081925634 columnist and best-selling author, Katie Pavlich, took to Twitter to report on typical vicious intolerance from the Left. Her brother, a college student, put a Romney bumper sticker on his car. Unhinged libs then vandalized his car, keying it and ripping all stickers off of it. They also damaged and ripped off his license plate.

My brother’s license plate was also ripped of and completely bent #pissed this is who the left is

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) October 27, 2012

The party of “tolerance” just vandalized my brother’s car because they don’t like his political views #war

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) October 27, 2012

Stay classy liberals! Vandalizing private property of a college kid because you disagree politically exposes exactly who you are #war

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) October 27, 2012

The left: vandalizing cars, setting yard signs on fire and beating up gay GOPers all because you disagree with their views. #fu #war

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) October 27, 2012

When at war, you want the indispensable Katie Pavlich in your corner. Fight like a girl, baby! Twitter users express disgust, yet no surprise, at the despicable actions of the Left. Many relay their own similar experiences.

@katiepavlich Irony: The same people who push anti-hate legislation do that. Sorry. That’s the #DNC for ya’!

— David Russell (@TheDavidAllan) October 27, 2012

@katiepavlich Bullying is all they know! Bigotry & hate

— rudy hernandez (@rudemets) October 27, 2012

@katiepavlich @dennisprager We have a Romney sign in our yard- I was threatened by teens across the street that our house would be egged!

— Nev (@NoraWeingart) October 27, 2012

@katiepavlich How open minded and civil of them.

— James McAllister (@OldSaltCityAce) October 28, 2012

@katiepavlich Leftists are goons. Ever since Obama incited them with”Get in their faces,” the left’s thuggery has been on the rise. #tcot

— Josh Painter (@Josh_Painter) October 27, 2012

@katiepavlich Political Vandalism: All brought to us by the same people who gave us the ‘Coexist’ stickers. #projection

— Patrick Cusick (@patcusick) October 27, 2012

@katiepavlich I NYC (West Chelsea) I had a McCain sign on the window of my apartment. Several very angry complaints to landlord.

— A. J. Delgado (@missADelgado) October 27, 2012

@therickwilson @katiepavlich local candidate here had own sign in her lawntorn down and wire frame bent up and stuffed in mailbox.

— jeffery reynolds (@ChargerJeff) October 27, 2012

@katiepavlich whenever I have posted conservative ideas on facebook, I am personally insulted and even threatened by liberals. Every time.

— Anthony Baker (@ganthbaker) October 27, 2012

@katiepavlich Liberals are only tolerant of people who think exactly like they do..

— bob bondi (@bob16066) October 27, 2012

@katiepavlich party of tolerance right there.Our yard signs were vandalized, too, and a bumper sticker ripped off my car in PA.SIGH…

— ShellyB (@Shelly_Bl) October 27, 2012

@katiepavlich I have this sign on my apartment door in Charlottesville, some classy liberals did this:…

— Randy Pearson (@UVApolitics87) October 27, 2012

This Twitter lib has the gall to call it “fake.”

“@katiepavlich: My brother’s license plate was also ripped of and completely bent #pissed this is who the left is” < fake, set up

— jason (@justus4all) October 27, 2012

Really? This is a pattern of behavior by the unhinged Left that has been shown over and over again. And, it continues.

LOL . Someone just keyed my grandmas car bc she had a “Romney for president” flag on her window…So much for freedom of speech.

— Nov. 3rd ♓ (@whos_sam) October 28, 2012

saw a car with four “romney” bumper stickers… i should have keyed it.

— Shantel White (@shantelly_12) October 26, 2012

She wondering why her BMW got keyed, trying taking those Romney signs out your window.

— JuJu Rockstar (@JuJuRockk) October 26, 2012

Having a Romney bumper sticker won’t get you anywhere, except shot or your car keyed.

— Seilaaaa(@Seila____) October 28, 2012

Tolerant liberals keyed my Viper for having Romney bumper stickers. I added more in case they were too small #caring…

— Andrew Weber (@andrewtweber) October 25, 2012

@patdollard I live in a blue state and conservatives know that if you put a Romney sticker on your car it will be keyed. Sad but true.

— Cheryl Renette Baile (@CherylRenetteBa) October 28, 2012

Alta Loma, CA: 3 Cars Keyed With“Obama”,Car Seats Slashed Outside Homes With Romney Signs (Video) /Obama thug criminals

— Fuzzy Slippers (@fuzislippers) October 28, 2012

This guy had a Romney sign on his yard and someone keyed Obama on his car hahaha

— Alyssa (@lyssaMoraa) October 27, 2012

I have a #Romney bumper sticker on my car and because Democrats are so peaceful and loving, I got my car keyed. New car too.

— SteveJazz (@SteveJazz) October 25, 2012

@helloshae jusy keyed this car cuz it supported Romney lmao!!!!! #BoutThatLife

— Crystal Bell (@ConverseKrazii) October 24, 2012

she got her car keyed for that #Romney sticker

— ✝Annie Mae✝ (@SucKAfReeBrEE) October 25, 2012

This woman is not taking it anymore and is not backing down.

I’m NOT taking my #Romney bumper sticker down even though I’ve been keyed. When #Mitt wins it will be worth it!#NObama #BenghaziGate

— Rhonda P. Cook (@yobunny) October 27, 2012

Brava, lady! November 6 can’t come soon enough.

New tone? Same as the old tone: Unhinged, violent and intolerant.

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