Check out what journo arrested in Ferguson thought were rubber bullets [photo]!/WalshFreedom/status/500999442619564035

Wait, what? As Twitchy reported,  Huffington Post justice reporter Ryan Reilly along with journo Wesley Lowery were both arrested briefly in Ferguson, Missouri for not complying with police requests last week.

On Sunday morning, this happened:!/ryanjreilly/status/500981295359741952

Um. “Fergurson” aside, are you kidding us?!/WalshFreedom/status/500992658110554113

Top. Men.!/mcassill/status/501002829830836224

Reilly retracted his tweet:!/ryanjreilly/status/500981740006289408

But too late, sir. Not retracted? The righteous mockery.!/lyndseyfifield/status/500992706668421122!/mdrache/status/501007012881129473!/Cameron_Gray/status/501001588652380160

Stop! Our aching sides! No wait, don’t stop. It’s hilarious.!/coolhandschlute/status/501002599643226113!/JayCaruso/status/500998734030061568!/JayCaruso/status/500997997610942464!/seanagnew/status/500998282680995840


#CanAnyoneConfirm? Rubber bullets, ear plugs; same diff! Help confused Huffpo journo ‘confirm’ more [photos]

Jake Tapper just poleaxed DOJ Public Affairs Director Brian Fallon

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