Cartoons Are An Awesome Part Of Life, But They’re Totally Lying To You.

Cartoons aren’t meant to be taken seriously, most of the time. After all, they’re fictitious animations that were created for entertainment. 

Sometimes, though, cartoons abuse physics and common sense so badly it doesn’t even seem like they’re trying. Cartoon logic is so flawed, they are basically lying to you and your children 24/7. Looney Tunes have led me astray for most of my life. BUT NO MORE!


1.) Message: Children shouldn’t respect their parents?

2.) Well, it’s not wrong.

3.) Maybe it’s freshwater…

4.) My childhood = ruined.

5.) DANG. Trapped.

6.) This just makes me feel dirty.

7.) Because that’s what women do?

8.) Kids are totally going to misunderstand how exercise works.

9.) Glass helmet… whistles. Okay, sure.

10.) Hold on. Why doesn’t it change back?

11.) WHY NOT?

12.) Wait, who were they hiding from?

13.) Maybe he never takes it off…

14.) Maybe he has a custom-made car.

15.) I will never understand this.

16.) Let’s pretend she’s using the Socratic method.

17.) I never would have known.

18.) Hopefully no one tries this in real life.

19.) Uhh…

20.) Roadrunner cartoons led me astray my entire life.

21.) Totally normal.

(H/T Piximus)

Did you realize just how ridiculous some of these things were? Using your imagination is important, but teaching kids that jumping off a cliff is totally pain free? Not so much. Share this unreal cartoon logic with others by clicking on the button below!

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